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(L - R) David L. Head, Hayden Fuller, Christopher Woo,
Jon E. Huffman, William C. Schrader, III, Henry E. Head,
and Commander Daniel N. Klinck.
The Dr. V. Edward Masters Memorial Color Guard was formed in 1996 and is an integral part of the Louisville-Thruston Chapter of KYSSAR. Dr. Masters was chapter president in 1995, and it was under his leadership the color guard was formed, the first in the Kentucky Society. Since its inception the unit has been led by Commander Dan Klinck.

Our color guard is a formally dressed color guard, adorned in the distinctive uniform worn by men of the Virginia Regiment, Continental Line, of which the Kentucky Territory was a part. The uniforms, patterned after the army regulars, are not unlike those worn by present-day portrayers at Williamsburg, Virginia. They are bright and colorful in appearance, and when combined with the sounds of the fife and drums, they add significance and historical meaning to events.

As a Louisville-Thruston Chapter member, you are warmly invited to join our color guard. All it takes is a uniform and some free time. There is no age limitation, and we provide all the accoutrements and muskets.  You provide the custom fitted uniform.

Our unit, with its fife and drum corps, participates in a wide range of activities throughout the year including the posting of the colors at SAR, DAR and community events, classroom presentations to local schools, patriot grave markings, and the welcoming of new citizens at naturalization ceremonies. Carrying and firing muskets is a popular activity, and you will be given plenty of instruction on the safe loading and firing of the weapon.

Since 1996 the chapter's color guard has expanded from four to over 20 members today. This includes three drummers, ages 13 to 76, and a female fifer. We are especially proud of our musicians, and that credit goes to our senior drummer, Hayden Fuller, for training the younger drummers. His wife, Clarese, trains the fifers. Anyone yearning for a role in preserving our American Heritage by bringing history alive is encouraged to become a member of our color guard. If you have any interest and would like to know more about joining, please contact:

Dan Klinck, Color Guard Commander PH: (502) 429-0382 - Email - Musket Safety - Weapons Agreement