Patriot:  Butterworth, Benjamin

Birth     4 Feb 1736  Baltimore County, Maryland

Death:      Sept 1801   Campbell County, Virginia

   ca 1766

Spouse:   Elizabeth Clements

                Born:   ca 1751   Clements Hill, Pittslvania County, Virginia
                Died:   Apr 1780   Pittslyvania County, Virginia

Service:  Bedford County Virginia Militia

Rank: Ensign and Lieutenant 1779 - 1781


Isaac Butterworth   -    Born: ca 1770    Bedford County, Virginia
                                    Died: after 1850  Campbell County, Virginia

                                    Married:    5 Apr 1792 Bedford County, Virginia

                                    Spouse:    Elizabeth Walker
                                                    Born:   ca. 1770
                                                    Died: after 1837  Bedford County, Virginia

Members descended from Benjamin Butterworth:

    Hunter Scott Collins #178041

    Christopher Chase Collins #178042

Information about Benjamin Butterworth:

Gwathmey, Hist. Register of Virginians in the Revolution, p. 117 -  Bedford County Virginia Militia - Ensign and Lieut 1779 - 1781