Patriot:  Morgan, Charles

Birth     ca. 1710   unknown

Death:      before 18 Feb 1782   Culpeper County, Virginia


Spouse:   Hannah Oxford

                Born:   unknown
                Died:   unknown

Service:  Provided Supplies in the War effort.

Rank:    n/a


Ann Morgan       -          Born: ca. 1730 - 1740   Virginia
                                       Died: ca. 1804   Virginia

                                       Married:   unknown

                                       Spouse:    Thomas Wright
                                                        Born:   ca. 1735
                                                        Died:   after 1804   Culpeper County, Virginia

Members descended from Charles Morgan:

    Christopher V. Herndon #149973

    Douglas Thomas Collins #175008

    Hunter Scott Collins #178041

    Christopher Chase Collins #178042

Information about Charles Morgan:

Charles was the grandfather of Morgan Wright.  Morgan administered the will of his father - Thomas Wright.  Thomas was Charles Morgan's son-in-law.

Provided supplies in support of the war effort see reference in Virginia Publick Claims - Culpeper County compiled & transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten page 41.