Patriot:  Tavenner, George

Birth     ca 1743    England

Death:      14 Mar 1826    

Married:   ca. 1764

Spouse:   Tabitha Roach

                Born:    1 Jan 1747  unknown
                Died:    7 Dec 1823 unknown

Service:  Provided 375 pounds of Beef.  Loudoun County Court of Claims March 1782.

Rank:    n/a


Richard Tavenner  -    Born: 28 Jul 1769      Loudoun County, Virginia
                                    Died: 18 Aug 1837    Loudoun County, Virginia

                                    Married:    28 Jun 1792    Goose Creek, Loudoun County, Virginia

                                    Spouse:    Ann Hatcher
                                                    Born:   30 Mar 1774   Loudoun County, Virginia
                                                    Died:    ca 1817          Loudoun County, Virginia

Members descended from George Tavenner:

    Hunter Scott Collins #178041

    Christopher Chase Collins #178042

Information about George Tavenner:

Provided 375 pounds of beef.  Loudoun County Court of Claims 12th & 13th days of March 1782.  "...were allowed by the same to the several claimants underwritten, agreeable to an act "for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for publick service." viz