Louisville Thruston Chapter Sons of the American Revolution
Dr V. Edward Masters Memorial Color Guard
The chapter's Color Guard is shown marching in the Memorial Day Parade of Colors at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in 2018. 
One of the most successful and popular ways the SAR has of educating the public about the American Revolution is by personal representation. A great way to do this is through the chapter’s color guard organization where compatriots dress in uniform to attend public ceremonies, parades and visit classrooms to present awards or give history presentations to students.
The Dr. V. Edward Masters Memorial Color Guard was formed in 1996 and is an integral part of the Louisville-Thruston Chapter of KYSSAR. Dr. Masters was chapter president in 1995, and it was under his leadership the color guard was formed, the first in the Kentucky Society. Daniel Klinck served as the Color Guard Commander from its inception in 1996 until 2016. Under his leadership over the years, the organization expanded from four to as many as twenty members at one time.
The traditional army Color Guard first began at the time of the American Revolution when musicians, usually a drum and fife corps, would accompany soldiers in the field by playing to keep up their spirits and to help them march in step. Along with music, the soldiers carried flags displaying the colors of their unit and country.
In Louisville Thruston, our uniforms are adapted from the style worn by the First Virginia Regiment, Continental Line. This pattern was approved by George Washington in 1782 and consists of a black tricorn hat; a dark blue 18th-century military frock coat with red facings, collar, cuffs, and shoulder straps; a sleeveless white vest; a standard 18th-century white work shirt; period white trousers; black plain-toed shoes; and white gloves.
Our unit, with its fife and drum corps, participates in a wide range of activities throughout the year including the posting of the Colors at SAR, DAR, and community events, classroom presentations to local schools, patriot grave markings, and the welcoming of new citizens at naturalization ceremonies. Any time our Color Guard presents the National Colors at civic events, it adds a special patriotic and historical significance to the occasion.
As a Louisville-Thruston Chapter member, you are warmly invited to join our color guard. There is no age limitation, and the chapter provides the uniforms, muskets, flags, and accouterments. Joining the Color Guard will make no undue demands on your time; we only ask that you try and participate in events that are convenient for you. Come join us and experience the fellowship of preserving our American heritage and keeping history alive.    
     Dan Klink Chapter Color Guard     J. B. Hitt shown Teaching kids at Hite Elementary about the   Will Schrader welcomes new
Commander from inception 1996-2016          Revolutionary War.                                                            citizens at the Naturalization
                                                                                                                                                                      Ceremony at Federal Courthouse.
   Presenting the colors at Hoosier Heritage Celebration in            Marching in the Veterans Day Parade in Louisville
   New Albany, Indiana. 
           Marching in July 4th parade in Ravenswood     Presenting the colors during the National Anthem at
              Neighborhood eastern Jefferson County           Slugger Field in Louisville, KY