Louisville Thruston Chapter Sons of the American Revolution
Mike King
​PRESIDENT 2023-25
WELCOME to the Louisville-Thurston
Chapter of the Kentucky Society (KYSSAR)
Greetings! As your incoming President, I send best wishes to all Compatriots of the Louisville Thruston Chapter.
It is an exciting time for the Chapter, the SAR, and the community. With the Covid epidemic winding down, everyone seems to enjoy getting out again and socializing with oth-ers. The events and activities for the upcoming years will be focused on providing social and event opportunities to all members, including their families and friends.

I would also like to extend special thanks to our outgoing President, Bob Silverhorn for all the work he has done during the last two years. This was a challenging time due to Covid and limited social and ceremonial events. Bob kept the Louisville Thruston Chapter in good condition and positioned it for growth and positive change for the future. Thanks Bob and thanks to all the Chapter officers for their work over the last two years, and we wish them well going forward.
I would also like to thank the current Chapter officers who will be responsible for guiding us into the future. We are all excited and looking forward to maintaining the SAR tradition while making changes and improvements for communications, activi-ties, and camaraderie in our Chapter. If you have suggestions or ideas that would en-hance the Chapter and your experience as a compatriot in the SAR, please let me know.

Best wishes to everyone during the coming years!