Louisville Thruston Chapter Sons of the American Revolution

How To Join The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

SAR Member Eligibility
The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is a male lineage society whose members have traced their direct family lineage to a Revolutionary War Patriot who was loyal to the cause of American independence. The applicant must be a citizen of good repute in the community, and the line of descent from his patriot ancestor must be documented through acceptable sources. Prospective members must first apply to NSSAR through the local chapter and be accepted by the National Society prior to being inducted into the state society and local chapter. 
Researching Your Patriot Ancestor
The first step toward joining the SAR is finding and identifying your patriot ancestor. Listed below are some resources to get you started toward membership. Should you encounter any missing links in your family’s history, consult the chapter’s registrar. Although SAR members will assist prospective members in gathering the necessary documentation to prove lineage, we generally do not do in-depth research for prospective members.
Once a prospective member has identified a patriot ancestor and has gathered the basic documentation necessary to prove the lineage and service of the patriot, the prospective member can start the application process. 
SAR Application Process
The SAR has established an online process for completing an application for membership. The start of the process is to create a user account on the sar.org site. Once that has been completed, you can login and start the process of recording your information. It is a browser-driven process, so you can access it anywhere you have Internet access. 

In order to start the Application Process or to add a Supplemental Application:

1. Click here to register and set up an account on the SAR national website. ( If you have already registered and have an account just log in.)

2. Print a membership application worksheet to help you organize your ancestor data. Click Here

3. The following manuals can assist you in the application process (SAR) Application Preparation Manual   Genealogy Committee Policies Manual They are available on this page of the NSSAR webpage. Click here

4. Once you have your data organized, you can begin the Online Application. Click Here.

5. If you need assistance with research contact: fleitzg@bellsouth.net.

6. After filling out the Online Application, contact, Registrar of the  Louisville Thruston Chapter by Clicking Here, or email him.

7.  When your online application is complete,  the chapter registrar will verify that the application is  complete and correct. All generations must be supported with valid documentation.  When all is correct, a copy of the application will be printed on official SAR watermarked paper provided by the registrar.

 8.  The registrar will mail the completed application with signatures along with fees to the State Registrar for his approval.  When he is satisfied, the application will be sent to National Headquarters for final approval by their staff genealogists. 

The registrar can estimate and look up the status once an application is submitted to NSSAR.

 Greg Fleitz, Chapter Registrar                            Email:fleitzg@bellsouth.net