Louisville Thruston Chapter Sons of the American Revolution

Photo Gallery 2016-2017

Housiers History Ceremony New Albany, In 2016                   SAR ROTC Medal and certificate to Jacob        
                                                                                                      Rutledge By President Drake Rinesmith. 3/21/2016          
      Memorial Day Sevice May 30, 2016                           2016 Memorial Day at Zachary Taylor Cemetery May 30, 2016
            Zachary Taylor Cemetery
VooDoo Pilots Reunion Brown Hotel June 11, 2016                       Louisville Chorus "Fanfare on the Fourth"
                                                                                                             Beargrass Christian Church June 30, 2016
Samuel Greer grave marking ceremony Bloomfield, Ky 8/28/2016                            Veterans Day Parade downtown Louisville
SAR ROTC medal and certificate to                  SAR Flag presented to Norton Commons Elementary School on 
Cadet Paul Wallenhorst at U of L                       2/23/2017 by compatriot Don Thom                          
3/24/2017 by compatriot Terry Brown
Naturalization Ceremony at SAR Headquarters 3/6/2017                            Vincennes, In George Rogers
                                                                                                                           Clark Memorial 2017 wreath
                                                                                                                            presented by Randy Lane and
                                                                                                                            Howard Roberson.
Derby Pegasus Parade Downtown Louisville 5/4/2017                      Louisville Chorus "Fanfare on the Fourth" 2017
Naturalization Ceremony at the Library 8/10/2017                 Nov.11, 2017 Veterans Day Parade